The (First) Big Day

It was a typical Tuesday in the Scheller household.  I had gotten home and started fixing dinner.  I had just come off of Godspell so I was done with rehearsals in the evening and could just relax.  Sara came home a bit earlier than usual, but this was good as she would be teaching piano lessons.  Sara knew that this could be the day she could see if she was pregnant, but really didn’t want to deal with it that day.  However, her friends on Twitter (shout out to all those lovely Twitter people that have really been a great support system for Sara!) told her to take a test.

While I am in the kitchen cooking, I hear Sara yell and scream.  I immediately ask her what is wrong. She comes in waving a pregnancy test saying, “Is there a line here?!?!?!?!” [Note: I am NOT one of those people that puts way too many exclamation points or question marks.  However, this was the amount of yelling I was hearing].  Now, if you have ever looked at one of those tests, it can be VERY difficult to tell.  To me, it looks like a line, but I don’t know if it is supposed to be darker than the control line or what.  I believe my exact words were, “I don’t know. I think it is a line.  I need one of the tests that tells you pregnant with the words on the test.”  We were both kind of on overdrive, because this had never happened before.  I don’t remember much of dinner, but it was decided that I would go get an idiot-proof test while Sara taught piano lessons.

I cleaned up dinner and just for fun decided to look up the due date, just for fun.  I put in our information and it spit back – DECEMBER 25TH.  What a great surprise!  God definitely had a plan here with that due date!  I think for Sara, piano lessons could end quickly enough for her.  She took the new test and it came back – PREGNANT.  There were definitely a lot of tears and hugging as a new reality set in.  It was the end of one journey, and the beginning of another!Our Good News


[Edit: So I’m a moron when I wrote on that piece of paper and wrote 2012 instead of 2013.  D’oh! Just realized this as I blogged.  Whoops!]


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