Surprises and Growth

We’ve had a very busy month. School is in full swing and we are both in the midst of our busy daily schedule. Even though we haven’t posted in a LONG time, lots of exciting things have been happening!

The day before my birthday some very sneaky students, parents, and fellow teachers pulled of an amazing surprise baby shower! I cried many tears of joy and thankfulness as students asked, “Why is Mrs. Scheller crying?” “Well, sometimes adults cry when they’re happy.” Yes, silly adults! Through generous donations we received lots of fun and necessary items for baby B, including our car seat!

A week later my sweet staff (I’ve only been at Immanuel a little over 2 months) threw us another shower. More wonderful, adorable baby supplies were piled into the car, more cake consumed and laughs shared. No, I did NOT cry! I was proud of myself! 🙂

Here are a few cute pictures from my kiddos from both showers:




Then we had yet another shower given by the neighbors on the street where Brian grew up. Yet again I was overwhelmed with the great love and generosity shown to our family. This little boy is so well loved! I only cried reading my sweet mother-in-law’s card so I’ll call that a win! Check out this adorable chair and diaper baby we were given:


The following Thursday, our choir at Immanuel showered us with diapers, and yes, more cake! We have so many diapers now, and while I’m sure we WILL run out, it will get us through for a long time! So, so thankful for their kindness!

It’s amazing to think that we have just over 10 weeks left in this pregnancy, assuming mister B plans an on-time arrival. I will officially be 30 weeks on Wednesday! The second trimester flew by and since week 20 I have expanded rapidly! My doctor says I’m measuring just a little bit big, which should get us an extra ultrasound this trimester. However, I don’t need an ultrs sound to know he is happy, healthy and growing. Baby B is kicking and moving regular and he and I fight over his foot position on a daily basis! Not a day goes by that I am not in awe of this little life God has placed inside of me. He is truly a miracle and I know I am blessed beyond measure!

And now, for those of you who’ve been hounding…here’s the latest bump pic! I’ve been wearing the same shirt each week…it’s not going to cover much longer!



4 thoughts on “Surprises and Growth

  1. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Agreed! Oh, I love the cards from your students. Those are priceless! Enjoy the final weeks, as I know they will continue to fly by, until you hold your baby boy in your arms!

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