Baby Braden

This post is so long overdue. I apologize. Kind of. Things have been a little crazy around here.

A year ago, I was so emotionally drained after the holidays. Christmas was not full of joy for me, it was only full of reminders of the children we did not have.

My how things can change in a year. I am snuggling my 3 week old son (did I just type that…my SON?) as I write this post. My house is still decorated for Christmas and a bit of a mess. My shirt has been spit up and drooled on. Yes, I have showered but haven’t done my hair or makeup more than twice since Braden’s birth. And you know what? I don’t care. All I care about is taking care of our precious gift.

Our (brief) birth story:

On Christmas Eve, while celebrating with my in-laws, I started having contractions. I didn’t tell anyone at the time, until Brian and I were safely in the car and on our way to candlelight service at church. We began timing them and by the time church was over, they were 8 minutes apart. Then they abruptly stopped. I was disappointed, but so glad we made it through church…as was the music director since Brian was the choir accompanist!

Christmas Day evening was a repeat of Christmas Eve. I was wondering if I even knew what contractions were!

The morning of the 26th I was pretty certain this was the real deal. By 7:30 am I starting timing my contractions and they were 4:30 minutes apart. By 8:30 Brian and I headed to the hospital.

The nurses hooked me up immediately and confirmed that, yes, I was having real contractions! By 10:30, we knew we were staying and that we weren’t leaving the hospital without our baby! I was able to labor without drugs until 1:00 pm. Of course not without the help of my amazing husband. He was with my through every contraction and stayed very calm…though our nurse (another BS!) told me she was more worried about him than me! Several people said that…hmmm.

By 1:08, I had my epidural. The anesthesiologist is now my best friend! I was able to rest then. I only knew I was having a contraction by watching Brian’s face. Didn’t bother me in the least. 🙂

Of course, more events transpired, but I’ll spare you those details. Nothing bad or scary, I really had an awesome birth experience. One of the coolest things was that the house OB was the wife of RE #1, Dr. P! Mrs. Dr. P was just was kind and sweet as her husband. Kind of brought things full circle.

By 6:30, I was dilated 10 cm and ready to push. Nurse BS, who’d been with us all day, wanted me to practice pushing before calling the dr. Now, my regular OB was out of town, so after much discussion, we decided to have Brian’s uncle Fred, another OB in the practice, be the delivering dr. A decision I would make again if I had to. If we weren’t related, he would be my regular dr, no questions asked.

Well, it turns out I didn’t need to practice and nurse BS didn’t leave me until uncle Fred got there. 5 minutes after Fred’s arrival, our SON, made his arrival, at 7:04 pm. He was a big boy weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches long. He came out with a pouty lip and a head of dark hair. Our years of pain, longing, tears, prayers, all culminated in this one moment. We had overcome. We had persevered, by God’s grace. Holding Braden for the first time was the most surreal, precious moment of my life. Seeing Brian hold him brought the exact same feelings. We are a family of three. What a blessing!